St Petersburg, Concert Hall


semi-staged performance of opera
Performed in Japanese

IV International Festival Maslenitsa in Song

Music by Ikuma Dan
Libretto by Junji Kinoshita after the folklore story Tsuru no Ongaeshi (lit. "Crane's Return of a Favor")

Stage Director and Production Designer: Shigetaka Matsumoto
Set Designer: Sachiko Osawa
Lighting Designer: Noriko Ishikawa
Costume Designer: Naoko Maeoka
Chorus Mistress: Asako Tsushima

Miwako Handa (soprano)
Keiro Ohara (tenor)
Tomohiro Tani (baritone)
Shigeki Mine (bass)

The Suginami Children's Choir
Artistic Director and Chorus Mistress: Asako Tsushima

The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Ken Takaseki

The opera is based on an ancient folklore story of a crane, who was once upon a time saved by Yohyo. The crane assumes its human form of a beautiful girl and presents herself to Yohyo. They fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after thanks to the beautiful Tsu’s magical talent of weaving precious cloth. Two greedy scoundrels, Sodo and Unzu, talk Yohyo into selling the cloth in the capital. Tempted by the scoundrels and eager to make profit, Yohyo makes Tsu weave her cloth for sale. Tsu agrees because of her love for her husband, but makes Yohyo promise no one will watch her at work. However, the promise is broken. Yohyo and his friends peep into her weaving room and are surprised to see a crane weaving there. Tsu’s secret is out and she can no longer stay in her human form. She despairs and bids farewell to her wayward husband, then turns back into a crane and leaves him forever.

The performance of this work is licensed by Schott Music Co. Ltd, Tokyo
on behalf of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers LTD

Age category 0+

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