St Petersburg, Mariinsky II

Songs about Sunbeams

Beijing Sunshine Art Delegation
The Andreyev State Russian Orchestra
Hosts: Yevgenia Igumnova, Jifeng Zhang and Hui Yan

Chinese folk songs and dances
Songs by Alexander Alexandrov, Mikhail Blanter, Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy

About the Concert

In its colourful dance and music show the Beijing Sunshine Art Delegation presents songs, dances and dramatised rites of various ethnic groups in China. The vivid national costumes, folk music – both folkloric and contemporary versions, the sound of traditional Chinese instruments, subjects from Chinese mythology and a picturesque entourage of carefully preserved ancient customs together depict a multi-faceted image of the culture of the Celestial Empire.
The Sunshine Art Delegation, established in 2006 to create a dialogue and arrange leisure activities for the elderly, today has over four hundred performers. The ensemble takes part in major ceremonies marking the great State celebrations and appears in concerts in various regions throughout China and internationally. With its eyecatching productions and the large number of performers involved the ensemble promotes the finest characteristics of Chinese collectivism – an active life stance, mutual assistance and optimism. The performers' input and engagement invariably pass on joy and a positive mental attitude to audiences, thus justifying the ensemble's motto: " Let life thrive in the sun, let the sun shine in our lives".

The Founder and Artistic Director of the ensemble is Ms. Hao Ying.

Age category 6+

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