St Petersburg, Mariinsky Theatre

Gala concert for audiences of the Young Theatre-Goers’ Academy

Anastasia Kolegova
Anastasia Lukina
Valeria Martynyuk
Elena Yevseyeva
Alexei Timofeyev
Maxim Zyuzin

Zhanna Dombrovskaya
Yekaterina Krapivina
Larisa Yudina
Roman Burdenko
Stanislav Leontiev
Vladimir Moroz
Mikhail Petrenko

The Mariinsky Orchestra
Conductor: Gavriel Heine

Script Author and Host: Natalia Entelis
Stage Director: Alexander Maskalin
Stage design for the concert: Sergei Grachev
Lighting Designer: Sergei Lukin
Costume Technician: Anna Yakuschenko

It is a great pity that you can’t hang your favourite music on the wall like a beautiful picture, or on a shelf like a good book, or in a box like a precious piece of jewellery. Many people think that you can buy a CD with a favourite piece of music and listen to it whenever you want. Well, that’s true (all thanks to technical progress), but only partly so. And there is not one quality recording that can compare with a live performance.
It is only at a live performance in a theatre that you can create the unique atmosphere of a celebration. It is only in the concert hall, together with the musicians and other people in the audience, that you can feel the true depth of pieces of music and observe performing techniques. And, perhaps, some of our younger audience members will become a great artiste of tomorrow, a violinist or French horn player, a singer or ballet dancer and play in the orchestra or perform on stage; perhaps, in the not too distant future, one of them will take to the conductor’s stand. But if not they will probably become a faithful theatre-goer.

Running time 1 hour
The concert has no interval

Age category 6+

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