St Petersburg, The Prokofiev Hall

Musicians of the Mariinsky Orchestra

Music Hour

Nikita Istomin (trumpet)
Mikhail Afonkin (trumpet)
Igor Remizov (trumpet)
Alexei Kulbeda (French horn)
Daria Surovyagina (French horn)
Nikolai Yevtyukhov (French horn)
Georgy Valenta (French horn)
Alexander Afanasiev (French horn)
Nikita Ioannisian (French horn)
Yegor Faustov (French horn)
Zakhar Katsman (French horn)
Alexander Lagutin (trombone)
Alexei Yakovlev (trombone)
Alexander Ivanchenko (trombone)
Kirill Drakovich (trombone)
Mikhail Vinnitsky (trombone)
Maxim Maximenkov (trombone)
Valentin Patsyuk (trombone)
Ivan Smirnov (trombone)
Alexander Ponomarev (trombone)
Filipp Pavlov (trombone)
Konstantin Zlatin (tuba)

Homilius. Weber. Koetsier. Bach. van Beethoven. Saint-Saëns. Uber. Mancini. Telemann. Bourgeois. Cook. Piazzolla

Age category 6+

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