St Petersburg, Concert Hall

Music of four nations

First concert of the eleventh subscription
The programme includes works by Haydn, Rossini, Grieg and Rachmaninoff

Conductor: Gavriel Heine

One old proverb states that in Spanish one says “with God”, in French “with a lady”, in German “with an enemy” and in Italian “”with a friend”. It is no secret that music has its own language, its own nationality and even its own geography as it is written by men and women. Probably that is why French music often stands out for its gallantry, Italian music for its lightness, sunny nature and humour, German music for the depth and scale of its ideas and music of Scandinavian countries for its easily recognisable unique northern flavour and the broad expanse of its melodies.
The proverb continues, saying that the Russian language combines the poetic feel of Spanish, the songfulness of Italian, the sonority of German and the sophistication of French. It comes as no surprise that Russian composers have given the world so many musical masterpieces. And many of them, even far from their homeland, retained the essence of the expansive Russian soul and the ability to write in the Russian style.

Age category 6+

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