Andrei Pokatov


Andrei Pokatov was born in 1984 in Leningrad. In 2003 he graduated from the Specialized Music School of the St. Petersburg Conservatory where he studied with Elena Zaitseva, in 2008 from the Conservatory and in 2011 completed his postgraduate studies there with Antonina Kazarina.

Since 2004 he has been member of the Mariinsky Orchestra. He plays in the Mariinsky Stradivarius Ensemble under the direction of Lorenz Nasturica-Herschcowici and in the Cremonese Trio, performing at the Mariinsky Concert hall and chamber halls as well as other concert venues of St. Petersburg, frequently taking part in the benefit concerts.

He plays the violin made by Gabriel Jebran Yakoub after Stradivarius “Cremonese” from 1715.

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