Alla Kozhenkova

Set Designer

• Recipient of the State Prize of Russia
• Recipient of the Golden Sofit, St Petersburg´s highest theatre award

Born in Leningrad. Graduated from the Leningrad State Cherkasov Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (class of lecturers Akimov and Bruni). Her first production was Warsaw Melody for the Leningrad Maly Drama Theatre.

Has worked in major theatres in Moscow (including the Operetta Theatre, the Chekhov Moscow Arts Theatre (MKhAT) and the Mayakovsky Theatre), St Petersburg (the Lensoviet Theatre, the Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Operetta) and many other cities.
Has designed the sets and costumes of over three hundred and sixty operas, ballets and plays in Russia, the USA and Japan.
Has worked with leading directors in Moscow and St Petersburg on productions of dramas, ballets, musicals and operettas. Among her most well-known works are productions of Les bonnes by Jean Genet, Madama Butterfly (Roman Viktyuk Theatre) and Amadeus (MKhAT). Has also designed productions of rock-operas, including Orpheus and Eurydice and Jesus Christ Superstar.
Designed the production of Betrothal in a Monastery for the Mariinsky Theatre (1996).
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