Stéphane Clément

Puppet Designer

Stéphane Clément (also known by the pseudonym of Steff Albedo) studied at France’s Académie des Arts (1980–1984) and worked as a painter and graphic designer until 1991. Since 1989 he has worked in theatre. For two years he created puppets for the Théâtre de la Toupine (Ceci cela et caetera); from 1990–1995 he co-created and designed puppets and was a puppet-master with the company Les Frères Topolino, mounting numerous street performances using cars and actors (while working with the company there were some four hundred performances in countries all over the world). He also took acting courses in commedia dell’arte under Yves Doncques. As a clown, he performs with the companies of Ami Hattab, Marc Proux, Philippe Martz, Lory Leschin and Dolorès Léonard.
In 1994 Clément founded the Albedo company, becoming its Artistic Director as well as an actor, stage director, puppet designer and producer of “live performances”. The company produces street theatre and stages various spectacles and humorous and interactive performances in which theatre is blended with reality and the real lives of the audience. Eight productions have been staged by the company two thousand times at major festivals in fifty countries, among them Les Ex-Cabots (1995), Les Bigbrôzeurs (1998), Tchak! (2003), Fool Foule (2005), Les Tonys (2007) and Rock’s Tares Puppet Show (2012). In 1995 in Annonay, Stéphane Clément established the creative workshop Fabrik’Albedo to stage street performances and directed it until 2008.
As an actor he performs with other companies, among them Générik Vapeur, Cacahuète, La Belle vie d’ange, Les Piétons and Les Goulus; he creates and constructs props and costumes for the companies Carnage prods, Les Piétons, L’Excuse, Les Décatalogués, Air Compagnie, Les Saltindanses, Tango Sumo, La BaraKa, Les Goulus, Cie Ecart, Cie Portez-vous bien, La Toupine and Les Quidams among others.

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